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Immutable X

We are thrilled to announce that Huobi Ventures Blockchain Fund participated in the ‘Additional Community Growth’ allocation of the $IMX private sale at US$10 per token to be unlocked linearly over 6 months.

These tokens will be used by Huobi for marketing and ecosystem development. A big win for Immutable X!

You can view the allocation by clicking here.

We are grateful for Huobi’s investment and look forward to working closely with them to become the industry leader in the NFT space.

What’s Next?

You can learn more about Immutable X and IMX on our website. …

Latest Update: 16 September 2021 at 12:20 AM (AEST)

Unfortunately, after we launched the IMX Play to Earn campaign, we had to update it to prevent US users from receiving IMX directly.

Originally, our solution to this challenge was to reward eligible US supporters of the Play to Earn campaign with ETH equivalent of the IMX they earned, priced at $10 USD per IMX. We know that option didn’t cover all use cases, and we’ve been working hard to find the best possible solution.

Now, we’re excited to confirm that we can offer two options for US participants to receive…

Immutable X is Making NFTs Carbon Neutral on Ethereum

Originally Posted: 30 March 2021 | Updated: 19 August 2021

Lately, critics have raised concerns that creating and trading NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain will lead to a disproportionate increase in carbon footprint. This issue is tricky and, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. There are three key concepts pertinent to understanding this overheated debate fully, and one solution Immutable is proposing today.‍

The definition of NFTs or “non-fungible tokens,” are special types of cryptographic tokens which represent a good or asset, covering a wide range of unique tangible and intangible items, from collectible trading cards NFTs (e.g. Gods…

On Tuesday 17 August 2021 at 11 AM (AEST), we hosted an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) event on the Immutable X Discord channel to address questions on the recent IMX rewards update. We understand the seriousness of the decision made and spent our time listening to the comments and questions across our socials after the announcement went live. We wanted to give our community enough time to read through the updates and prepare their questions for the AMA event the next day.

During the event, we invited James, CEO and Co-Founder of Immutable, to help answer the questions live while giving as…

Latest Update: 16 September 2021 at 12:20 AM (AEST)

Currently, to ensure IMX is held by those who have contributed the most to Immutable X over its Alpha period, we are running a Play to Earn campaign, where users can earn IMX by trading on the protocol. Initially, these rewards were available to all users of Immutable X.

However, our legal team has recently advised us that though the Rewards are fully compliant, given the ongoing regulatory uncertainty in the US, we should not distribute IMX to US residents at this time. In addition, all participants will need to play…

Last week, we made an exciting introduction to the Immutable X native token (IMX).

To continue showing our gratitude for the Immutable X community, we are hosting a Learn to Earn giveaway. You can show off your newfound knowledge on IMX and stand a chance to win a share of USD 1,000 in ETH.

Ready to join? Continue to read for the full details.

How to Join

You need to complete all three steps below successfully between Monday 26 July at 1 PM UTC to Friday 6 August 2021 at 1 PM UTC.

Step 1: Follow Immutable Twitter

Step 2: Retweet the official…

Important: Do not purchase anything marketed as IMX unless an official announcement is made. United States citizens or residents are not allowed to receive IMX tokens due to regulatory uncertainties in the US.

Latest Update: 16 September 2021 at 12:20 AM (AEST)

To reward those who have helped Immutable X grow, we are excited to announce the multi-stage Play to Earn campaign with rewards worth up to 600,000 IMX via the Retrospective and Alpha rewards stages. Our early users have provided invaluable support and feedback during the earliest stages of Immutable X’s development. …

Important: No IMX tokens have been minted. Do not purchase anything marketed as IMX until an official announcement is made. United States citizens or residents are not allowed to receive IMX tokens due to regulatory uncertainties in the US. Please read here for more information.

Latest Update: 30 August 2021 at 4:00 PM (AEST)

We are thrilled to announce IMX, the native ERC-20 utility token of Immutable X. Immutable X is Ethereum’s first zk-rollup protocol for minting and trading NFTs, built in partnership with StarkWare. …

I’m Alex, the CTO of Immutable. In the first blog of our explainer series, I’ll outline the key design decisions we made while building Immutable X, why we made them, and the role it can play in the future of NFTs.

We set out to solve the current key challenges facing the Ethereum NFT ecosystem:

  • Scaling (3–5 NFT trades/second)
  • UX (transactions take minutes to confirm)
  • Cost (fees for NFT trades are currently $30+)
  • Liquidity (most NFTs are never traded)
  • Developer Experience (NFT projects spend more time on technical challenges rather than improving their projects)
  • Environmental Impact (a barrier to mainstream…

Non-fungible tokens exist as a solution for representing unique, non-interchangeable assets. But the very uniqueness that makes non-fungible tokens great also impacts their ability to be quickly and easily bought and sold.‍

Take Gods Unchained for example, our trading card game, which has millions of cards in circulation, each represented through a non-fungible token. As the playerbase grows, so will the number of cards that exist. Eventually, you will have hundreds of millions, if not billions, of “unique” cards sloshing around within the economy.

In some cases, the unique properties of these cards will matter significantly. For instance, if a…

Immutable X

We are the first layer-2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum

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