Community Development Grants Cohort 2

Welcome back to another round of our Community Development Grants! Last year, we ran the first ever program in December and celebrated a huge success with key takeaways:

We’re grateful to our active community for the amazing outcomes of this newly launched program within the short timeline. As mentioned before, we want to do a lot more of these exciting initiatives and do a better job at every iteration. Which is why we’re now launching the second iteration and cohort for the grant!

We’ve taken feedback from our participants in the last program and introduced a few changes in this next round.

The grants pool is now 120,000 IMX tokens

Yup, you read that right. It’s 10x the last round. The reason for the substantial increase is simple — the success of Immutable X is greatly contributed by the maturity of the ecosystem. To that end, we are constantly focusing on rewarding people for building their world-class NFT projects on our cutting-edge protocol with the IMX tokens.

We’ve compiled RFPs and known issues

We believe in the voices of our community members and take their feedback to the core of our growth strategy. Below are some of the known issues that were highlighted to us that you might be interested in providing a solution for. In return, you may receive raving support from the community for the added value your project gives to them.

  1. Airdrop tool: Projects building on Immutable X have asked about an airdrop tool, which will allow projects to quickly spin up an airdrop for their NFT; thus reducing developer effort for the clients having to do it themselves. Example airdrop tool:

We’ll apply some of the learnings from the last round

We’re compiling feedback from our grants program and we’ll do our best to apply the learnings. For example, here are a few things we’ll aim to do for this next iteration:

  • Use quadratic voting for snapshot — Through this type of voting, each vote costs more tokens than the last. The aim is to reduce bias towards large token holders

As always, there will surely be more areas of improvement from this round. We’ll keep iterating on this to get better each time.

The theme and general processes haven’t changed

More developer tooling!

The theme will continue to be developer tooling. Again, we believe a key part of the success of the ecosystem is more builders and better builders. Builders need the right tools. We want to incentivize developers for tooling that would otherwise be blocked by financial constraints.

The voting process is the same

We’ll use mostly the same process as the first round of Community Development Grants. Namely, the 5-step process below:

Finally, don’t forget to apply with the new form!

Please complete this form and when your proposal has been selected, it will be announced in Discord.

The deadline to submit your proposal: 07 February 2022 at 04.00 pm AEDT

Also, join our Discord to check out the community grant proposals and vote on your favorite one!



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