Huge $IMX airdrop for early backers of Immutable X, the first L2 for NFTs

To reward those who have helped Immutable X grow, we are excited to announce that there will be a multi-stage airdrop of the new $IMX utility token. We will be distributing up to 600,000 $IMX. Our early users have provided invaluable feedback during the earliest stages of Immutable X’s development. To celebrate their dedication they’ll be eligible for this exclusive airdrop as an incentive to continue evangelizing Immutable X to the entire Ethereum community.

Since the token is not yet live, these airdrops will actually take place on the “token generation date”, which will be announced on our public channels at least one week before.

Retrospective Airdrop

100,000 $IMX will be distributed evenly to every user who traded or held in their inventory a Gods Unchained card on Immutable X at any point before the snapshot date of 22 July 2021 at 12am UTC (roughly 1 hour before this blog was posted). As a total of 7918 users are eligible for this airdrop, every eligible user will receive 12.63 $IMX.

Alpha Airdrop

Another 400,000 $IMX will be distributed to users as part of the Alpha Airdrop. For clarity, users can absolutely earn both airdrops! To allocate this reward, we will employ a points system based on each user’s Gods Unchained’s trading and holdings in their inventory on the snapshot date (not yet determined, at least a few weeks from now). Every GU card you own on Immutable X when we take this final snapshot will earn you points (including those minted after this announcement), according to the following schedule:

Mythic cards will be worth 50,000 points. Points will also be allocated for chests which are deposited into L2. ERC20 deposits are not yet available on Immutable X, but will be available before the airdrop ends, so watch this space!

Each user’s share of the 400,000 $IMX will be proportionate to their share of the total points on the snapshot date. The snapshot date will be communicated at least one week in advance — so follow us on social media to stay in the loop! An additional 100,000 $IMX may be used in other promotional airdrop activities during this period.

You can start earning points right now by purchasing and holding GU cards on any Immutable X powered marketplace, including:

Currently, there is no ability to view your estimated points, or your projected share of the overall airdrop.

What’s Next?

You can learn more about Immutable X and $IMX on our website. You can also join our growing communities on:

All information presented here is subject to change at our sole discretion. Read our full disclaimer here.

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