Why bridge?


  • Bridge Registry (L1)
  • ERC721 Escrow (L1)
  • ERC721 Bridge (L1)
  • ERC721 Bridge (L2)


User flows


Deposits from L1 to L2


What’s next?

  • Decentralization — let projects or users permissionlessly bridge their assets without the need for a trusted third party to register with the bridge
  • Automatic StarkNet contract deployments — reduce bridging friction for developers and users by auto-deploying a standard ERC721 contract upon bridging an asset for the first time
  • Support withdrawal of L2 native assets — providing an off-ramp to Ethereum for StarkNet native projects gives users more flexibility and a stronger guarantee for their assets
  • Multi-chain — the bridge design can be extended to include multiple chains and rollups, including our existing Immutable X StarkEx ecosystem, to facilitate more StarkNet interoperability




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