The Next Evolution of IMX Staking

Staking Rewards Highlights

  1. Staking Rewards features self-custodial functionality — you have control over your IMX tokens and they will never leave your wallet
  2. Staking Rewards introduces variable rewards based on the percentage of stakeable token supply staked (at least 5% annual rewards rate at 30% of stakeable token supply staked)
  3. Staking Rewards includes a new dashboard for a more transparent and simple staking experience:

How does Staking Rewards Work?

  1. Have an amount of IMX staked in the IMX staking dashboard here
  2. Trade at least one NFT on the Immutable X protocol during the staking cycle (more on this below)
  1. Navigate to the Staking Rewards landing page and connect your wallet

How is Staking Rewards calculated?

Stakeable Token Supply Criteria

Annual Rewards Rate

Why offer Staking Rewards?

  1. Activity on the protocol generates staking rewards
  2. Greater staking rewards increases the utility of IMX
  3. Greater utility of IMX results in more games, marketplaces, and traders
  4. More games, marketplaces, and traders create more trading volume




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