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Immutable X

A few days ago, we were thrilled to finally introduce the Immutable X utility token ($IMX). It’s designed to accelerate the growth of Immutable X by incentivising protocol adoption and trading activity. We also shared our ongoing $IMX multi-stage airdrop to reward early supporters of Immutable X.

You can find our key announcements here:

Following the exciting announcements, we received great comments and questions from the community. We believe that our community’s voice matters. …

Last week, we made an exciting introduction to the Immutable X native token ($IMX). We also announced a multi-stage $IMX airdrop to reward our users for their dedication and contribution to the Immutable X ecosystem growth.

To continue showing our gratitude for the Immutable X community, we are hosting a Learn to Earn giveaway. You can show off your newfound knowledge on $IMX and stand a chance to win a share of USD 1,000 in ETH.

Ready to join? Continue to read for the full details.

How to Join

You need to complete all three steps below successfully between Monday 26 July at…

To reward those who have helped Immutable X grow, we are excited to announce that there will be a multi-stage airdrop of the new $IMX utility token. We will be distributing up to 600,000 $IMX. Our early users have provided invaluable feedback during the earliest stages of Immutable X’s development. To celebrate their dedication they’ll be eligible for this exclusive airdrop as an incentive to continue evangelizing Immutable X to the entire Ethereum community.

Since the token is not yet live, these airdrops will actually take place on the “token generation date”, which will be announced on our public channels…

Important: No $IMX tokens have been minted. Do not purchase anything marketed as the Immutable X token until an official announcement is made.

We are thrilled to announce $IMX, the native ERC20 utility token of Immutable X. Immutable X is Ethereum’s first zk-rollup protocol for minting and trading NFTs, built in partnership with StarkWare. During its mainnet Alpha period, Immutable X has facilitated millions of dollars in NFT volume and more than 250,000 NFT trades.

Currently, some of the largest companies in the world are building NFT experiences. Many are exploring competitive blockchains or sidechains due to the scalability and…

I’m Alex, the CTO of Immutable. In the first blog of our explainer series, I’ll outline the key design decisions we made while building Immutable X, why we made them, and the role it can play in the future of NFTs.

We set out to solve the current key challenges facing the Ethereum NFT ecosystem:

  • Scaling (3–5 NFT trades/second)
  • UX (transactions take minutes to confirm)
  • Cost (fees for NFT trades are currently $30+)
  • Liquidity (most NFTs are never traded)
  • Developer Experience (NFT projects spend more time on technical challenges rather than improving their projects)
  • Environmental Impact (a barrier to mainstream…

Non-fungible tokens exist as a solution for representing unique, non-interchangeable assets. But the very uniqueness that makes non-fungible tokens great also impacts their ability to be quickly and easily bought and sold.‍

Take Gods Unchained for example, our trading card game, which has millions of cards in circulation, each represented through a non-fungible token. As the playerbase grows, so will the number of cards that exist. Eventually, you will have hundreds of millions, if not billions, of “unique” cards sloshing around within the economy.

In some cases, the unique properties of these cards will matter significantly. For instance, if a…

All Solutions Are Not Equal

Everyone who uses, mints or trades NFTs on Ethereum knows that scaling is the key challenge facing the industry right now. The uniqueness of NFTs, a key part of their desirability, is also the very thing that makes them expensive and illiquid to trade on a blockchain with a limited capacity. Many teams are working extremely hard to give players and studios what they want: scalable, instant, and trustless minting and trading of NFTs. The purpose of this article is to help users and developers compare and contrast the various scaling strategies that have been proposed and built. …

Immutable X

We are the first layer-2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum

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